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      Hailing from South Carolina, Joe and Austin are a production duo bringing in a new era of dance music. The two only recently found their musical talents while in college. Austin began his music career through teaching his self to produce original music while attending the University of South Carolina. Joe began his career DJ parties for his fraternity, Kappa Alpha Order, while attending Furman University. The two met in Columbia, South Carolina in early 2015 and quickly realized the potential the pairing could bring. The duo immediately put their minds together and started production on their own unique style of dance music. Through their production, Joe and Austin gained recognition in Columbia, South Carolina, allowing the two to get a foot in the door of local venues to open for small name acts in the area. 

       Within a very short period of time, the duo began their career DJing at  bars and clubs around the state of South Carolina. Their musical presence began to skyrocket, receiving tens of thousands of plays on SoundCloud and YouTube alike.. To no ones surprise, they quickly caught the attention of The Cotton Gin Bar, the biggest dance club in downtown Columbia, South Carolina. Joe and Austin were offered a weekly residency at The Cotton Gin Bar, establishing a big presence throughout the state. Their recognition has allowed Famously Hot to play alongside artists such as Styles & Complete, Wes Walker, Cherub, Travis Porter, Shwayze, Kevin Flume, and Rae Sremmurd. 


      In 2016 the duo moved to Los Angeles, California to attend Icon Collective Music Production School. Life brought them to Vegas in 2019, and now the two are based out of Charlotte, North Carolina. Through their time in Los Angeles and Vegas, Famously Hot has had the opportunity to work with artists such as Dylan Lee, Uhlone, Enmocean, Laurent, Jon Pegnato, WTW, and more. 

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